Born in Wageningen (NL) in 1994, the rhythmical driven Danny Eduard Rombout (23) grew up with Indian, Caribbean, Latin American and Afro-Cuban music. He was surrounded by a musical and lovely family that always affected him with their love for musical activities.

Danny started to have drum and percussion lessons in the local music school at the age of nine. His former teacher there, Raoul Soentken, goodly stimulated his musical development.

After considerable progress, Danny got invited to rehearse and perform with his teacher’s band Grupo Azul from Arnhem. Not so much longer, Salsa Big Band Salsabor (Nijmegen) knocked the door. He played there for four years, surrounded by experienced musicians and very kind people. Playing congas and bongos, his hand percussion playing started to become well-molded.

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In 2014, one year after his preparatory year at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, he moved to the Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam, where he cum-laude finished the bachelor Latin Drums and Percussion. Having lessons and working with percussionists like Bart Fermie, Lucas van Merwijk, Martin Verdonk, Nils Fischer and Udo Demandt has been an inspirational boost for his percussion and drum playing.

Until now Danny has played in hybrid, evolving and continuously different set-ups in a respectable list of projects within different genres. Besides that he always included his Surinamese and Indian roots in his music, styles like (Afro-)Cuban, latin jazz, salsa are his main interests. Next to that, Danny always keeps and wide-open mind and heart to any music this planet brought us. Tons of styles like classical, Indian, pop, funk and French chanson came across as well. Danny’s main point of view is that music is there to trade experiences, to deliver messages, to gather and connect to each other.

He has always worked passionately and dedicated, which made him share the stage with beloved artists like: Maité Hontelé, Alain Perez, Eliel Lazo, Marvin Diz, Marcial Isturiz, Giovanni Hidalgo, Luisito & Roberto Quintero, Orlando Poleo, Gerardo Rosales’ Salsa Vintage, Larnell Lewis, Michael League, Cory Henry, Rolf Sanchez, Glennis Grace, Nils Fischer, Kuenta I Tambu, Roël Calister, Raquel Kurpershoek, Urvin Doornkamp, Yannick van ter Beek, Steven Brezet and Abel Marcel, just to name only a tiny bit of a incredibly inspiring group of people.

Danny now works with renewing, fresh and groundbreaking bands and projects. For example, Drumdrumdrum theatre for children, Stella, the Latin Society collective, Rolf Sanchez, Nils Fischer & Timbazo, and a variety of collaborations, freelance projects and studio work. Besides that, he teaches in private or group lessons, sharing his musical passion and craft to inspire and unite people. Meanwhile, he dedicates his time to create his own compositions and project, to express his work and art, and release his own music.