Danny Rombout is a skilled and accomplished live and recording percussionist, drummer and producer, born in Wageningen, The Netherlands and currently living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He learned to play music growing up in a musically vivacious family with Surinamese-Indian roots, playing Latin, Caribbean and other African and Asian rooted music centered around dance and joy and developing a great sense for musical interaction and expression. Rombout, who studied with some of his percussion heroes like José Luis Quintana ‘Changuito’, Paquito Gonzalez, Luisito Quintero and Roberto Quintero, emerges with his sound choices, grooves, dynamics and alternation between subtleness and fire in his drum and percussion playing and accompaniment. He developed this character by listening to and playing and sharing the stage with – to him – inspiring artists like Alain Pérez, Maite Hontelé, Giovanni Hidalgo, Edwin Bonilla and Conjunto Arsenio Rodríguez, to name just a few.

At age 27 now, Rombout plays in the projects of Raquel Kurpershoek, Peter Somuah and Nils Fischer & Timbazo and he tours in Europe, South-America, Asia and Africa. While devotedly creating and touring with these projects, he focuses on continuously exploring new musical directions and sounds that serve his goal in music: to always evolve in finding a fine balance between tradition and innovation and, most of all, to make this world a better place. Currently Rombout works on music of his own and he contributes to new albums of Raquel Kurpershoek and Peter Somuah, searching for the sweet spots in combining styles like Latin, flamenco, West-African and jazz, while delving into the world of production.

› Winner of the Concours de la Chanson 2015 – Stella
› Winner of 9 prices with Traslasierra 2020-2022 – Raquel Kurpershoek (9 prices as co-executive producer)
› Winner of the Erasmus Jazz Price 2021 – Peter Somuah Group