Danny is aware of his unique position at the top of the pyramid of drums and percussion in Europe. Therefore, he contributes to talent development and provides drum and percussion lessons and workshops for both individuals and groups. Be it for your private lesson, classes at school or your event. There is much possible.

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Private lessons
No matter if you are just starting with music or you are already way going, Danny offers something for everyone.

Want to grow in technique? Or more into developing rhythms and phrases to play along with songs or in a project? Danny works with you towards your own goals. No matter if that is in real life lesson, or online via (e.g.) Zoom or Skype. Want to bring your friend to follow lessons together? All good.

– focus on Afro-Caribbean, South American and Latin percussion
– rhythms, phrases, coördination, technique
– improvisation and creativity
– music theory, sight reading
– traditional and hybrid set-ups of drums and percussion
– real life or online lessons
– length of the lessons: from 0h30
– up to two persons per lesson.

Go to the contact page to request more information about drum and percussion lessons.

Percussion brings us together, it unites us. It makes team building and communication between all of us possible in a way you would not expect. You can invite Danny for workshops on leadership, communication, performing under pressure, and of course team building. This is especially interesting for companies, events, stores and more. Go to the contact page to request more information about workshops.