Touring all over the world, Danny had many experiences in several musical environments and projects. Therefore, he contributes to talent development and provides drum and percussion lessons and workshops for both individuals and groups. Be it for your private lesson, classes at school or your event.

Danny works with you towards your own goals and wishes.
Develop your rhythmic skills on different instruments. This will all be based on music of your interest or music that you play for your project or in your group.

Good to know
for drums & percussion
► genres: Afro-Caribbean, South American and Latin amongst others
► rhythms, phrases, coördination, technique
► improvisation and creativity
► music theory, sight reading
► your role as a drummer or percussionist

► traditional vs hybrid set-ups
► real life or online lessons
► length of the lessons: from 30 minutes

► languages: Dutch, Spanish, English
FREE trial lesson of 20 minutes!

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