Do you like to learn percussion or drums? Or would you like to grow as musician? Or do you prefer to learn your favourite repertoire on several rhythmical instruments at the same time?

Danny provides lessons to all ages and all levels, from starters, to intermediates, to advanced musicians. He starts from the point were you are and he goes in the direction you want.

What’s your choice? 
There are a lot of possibilities to grow and raise your skills. Most of the people having lessons with Danny choose for rhythmical coaching or playing congas, timbales, bongos, djembé, drums, other Caribbean/Latin hand percussion or hybrid set-ups.

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Lessons contain a diversity of subjects you can choose from:
☞ learning the songs of your interest, band or project
☞ exclusive exercises for groove, technique, coordination, improvisation, rhythms, breaks, phrases, articulation and dynamics
☞ internalising the music you want to learn
☞ sight reading and writing music
☞ basic harmony and melody
☞ practical tips and coaching to work efficiently on your progress as drummer and artist.

Additional information
You will get an updated exercise book with the lesson content. Also, we will regularly make a quality video/audio recording of your drum / percussion play.

The languages in which I teach are 🇳🇱Dutch, 🇺🇸English, and 🇪🇸Spanish.

The location of the lesson room is in Rotterdam (NL).
Lessons on your preferred location are possible in consultation.

Pricing private lessons
☞ 30 minutes

under 21 years: € 20,00
from 21 years: € 20,00 (ex. 21% btw.)

☞ 60 minutes
under 21 years: € 35,00
from 21 years: € 40,00 (ex. 21% btw.)

To book your lesson or lesson package, or receive more information, get into contact with Danny via the contact form.