Danny plays, produces, composes and records in a wide variety of musical projects. While his heart beats for Afro-Caribbean and South American music, Danny is always open to new sounds and musicians with any background.

The projects Danny currently composes, plays and produces for:

  • Nils Fischer & Timbazo
  • Peter Somuah Group
  • Son Bent Braam
  • Beatriz
  • Drumdrumdrum
  • Batavierhuis

In the past years, Danny has supplied recordings and/or gigs for:

  • Rolf Sanchez
  • Glennis Grace
  • Latin Society
  • Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions
  • Kuenta I Tambu
  • Gerardo Rosales
  • Jeryh Luz
  • Stella Louise
  • Neda Boin
  • Raquel Kurpershoek
  • Son Swagga
  • Ben van den Dungen
  • Daniel Lopez
  • Noordpool Orkest
  • CVA Big Band
  • Codarts Conservatory Rotterdam
  • Teresa Jaldón
  • Salsabor
  • Grupo Azul